About us

We are currently a group of eight people who have come together over the last few years through the climate movement to form an open group that does various projects that we find important or that we simply enjoy. Much of what is happening around us - wars, the political shift to the right, the climate crisis - leaves us stunned. In order not to remain stunned, but to come out of the feeling of powerlessness, it helps us to take action together and to create what we find valuable or helpful. Depending on the situation, this has included demonstrations to give people a platform for their issues and to raise awareness in politics and society, climate strikes, free markets and now a free shop with a meeting place.

Each of us contributes and enriches in a unique way, and that is what makes the diversity of ideas and possibilities so special.

Current Projects

Free shop for Schwäbisch Hall

A project by Scharfe Radieschen in December 2023

With the free shop we want to invite people to think about their own shopping behaviour. If we take things at their price, we can make room for personal appreciation.

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